Getting A Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit History

girl with bad credit holding phoneWhen you want a mobile phone, getting a contract can seem impossible… if you’ve got bad credit history. For some people, getting a mortgage contract is more reachable than getting a cell phone contract. No matter what kind of credit rating you have, there are five steps you can take that will land you a mobile phone contract you’ll be content with.

Tip 1 – Choose Low Cost Mobile Phone and Calling Plan

There are different cell phone networks on the market and the criteria by which they check your credit usually depends on the kind of contract you choose to go with. When you apply for mobile phone service, the credit check is dependent upon the phone you want and the calling plan you choose (each network is different in the amount in which they will check for your credit). If you decide on a high priced package, it’ll be a bit harder to get approval.

Contract phones for bad credit  have less perks and a cheap calling plan will be easier to obtain even if you’ve got bad credit. Remember, until you improve that credit rating, don’t get your hopes up about getting an up to date Apple iPhone with an expensive £45 a month contract.

Tip 2 – Get A Virgin Mobile Services Contract

If you reside in the United Kingdom networks area with a proven credit history, you can be approved for a Virgin Mobile contract. If you want to make things easiest on you, apply through the  Virgin Mobile website rather than a third party shop to do the application process.

Should you fail to qualify for a high priced contract because of your bad credit, Virgin Mobile will present you with a calling plan that can meet the needs of people with a low credit score; this plan is called Solo Lite. Solo Lite has no exceptional perks such as Internet surfing or sending pictures; after all, the phone contains a SIM card with limited restrictions. However, if payments on the phone are made on time, these restrictions will be removed and you have the option to upgrade the contract.

Remember that this option is only offered online and offers it to people with bad credit.

Tip 3 – Apply To Other Cell Phone Networks (3, Orange or Vodafone)

Remember that the policies regarding credit ratings tend to vary from phone network to phone network. You can apply to these networks but it must be stated that Virgin Mobile will work with those people who have bad credit.

These other networks may ask for a deposit with no guarantee of a mobile phone contract. However, the lower the price on the phone and calling plan, the increase of getting approved.

Tip 4 – Consider SIM Card Only Contract

Mobile phones generally don’t like to handle contracts with SIM cards because they are the least expensive. However, for people, they are simple to apply for and obtain, allowing them to have a mobile phone. SIM contracts will still give you the benefits that you see with monthly contracts but with fewer restrictions. After all, SIM card phones are pay as you go phones.

– You are able to keep the present phone numbers

– Based on monthly contact

– Average monthly contracts less comprehensive when talking about minutes and/or texts

Tip 5 – Apply As Often As You Want

Each time your credit is being asked for on your behalf, it will show up on report. All it reads is that you’ve been inquiring to attain credit. If you’ve made too many attempts to get credit, it will begin to affect your good credit negatively, but since your rating is already quite low, an additional number of enquiries shouldnt hurt that much. It may be a good option to try with companies such as Carphone Warehouse who can attempt to connect you to multiple networks from one place.

In The End:

You have many options to choose from when you want a mobile phone, no matter how bad your credit rating actually is. By using the five tips above, you can get a mobile phone you want with the contract you want…even if you got bad credit.